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Encourage your kid to spend more time – considerably more time – in actual communication than “social networking communication”. Tell your kid to spend more time in real-life friendships and activities - Real face-to-face interaction is deeper and warmer than online friendships. Your kid learn more social buy 50 instagram followers skills in relating to and having face-to-face communication with his friends. Online friendships does not teach your kid to listen to subtle vocal cues, interpret body language, and adapt to different personalities - skills that are often important to survive in the real world. Encourage your child's other passion or interest - Instead of constantly telling your kid to stop going online, discover his other interests and nurture them. Examples of these are sports, playing a musical instrument, writing, crafts, etc. Support him when he is engaged on non-online activities that he is passionate about. Suggest to your kid to take advantage of social networking to enhance learning, to collaborate with fellow students, not just for “hanging out” and spewing nonsense. Teach your kid to differentiate between what has substance, and what is mere trash. You should also warn him not to engage in the darker side of social networking like cyberbullying, stalking, sharing inappropriate materials, etc. If possible, supervise your kid’s online activity to protect him from online predators and other dangers - Do not be deceived that your kid is online because of school research and studying. You should be constantly aware of what your kid does online or what he does in front of the computer. Emphasize to your kid the difference between real-life and online relationships - Having 500 friends in Facebook, for example, does not necessarily mean that he is popular. Emphasize to your kids the difference between writing and spelling for social networking and real world writing. As in everything, use social networking in moderation. It cannot take the place of real-life relationships and other worthwhile pursuits like reading books and sports. At an age when your kid can easily fall prey to bad online influences, have the computer screen readily visible to you by putting the computer in a place where you regularly pass by. Do not position it on a hidden corner or angle.

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Social Media as a Primary Source: A Coming of Age

What is a primary source? Many research guides created by academic librarians for students define a primary source as an original object or document—firsthand information that was written or created during the time under study. These guides include examples of various types of pre-Digital Age resources such as diaries, news-film footage, and buy more instagram followers interviews. In addition, traditional primary source documents tend to include public voices as records of historical events. But what about today? What is a primary source in the Digital Age?Signs indicate that the research guides are being rewritten to accommodate the impact of social media on informational resources. Social media expands our reach more quickly, much further, and at a grander scale through words, pictures, and videos. Social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram empower individuals to share their voice in a media-centric model. With communication of information fundamentally changing, the definition of a primary source needs to reflect this change. Considering that Twitter alone generates over one million tweets daily and that "an estimated 61% of adults and 74% of teens interact with social media sites," it is easy to see that "the definition of event reporting is confounded with the instantaneous recording of historical information."1Indeed, some researchers and scholars deem Twitter to be one of the most informative resources available with regard to what's going on locally, nationally, and globally in modern-day culture. Consequently, in 2010 Twitter announced that it was donating its digital archive of public tweets to the Library of Congress. "The Twitter digital archive has extraordinary potential for research into our contemporary way of life," said Librarian of Congress James H. Billington.2 Social media allows students, faculty, scholars, and the public at-large to communicate and collaborate in ways that disregard institutional boundaries. In September 2012, students in a journalism course at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University used mobile devices and social media to cover the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. The course not only allowed the students to obtain practical work experience but also exposed them to traditional and emerging communication theories and concepts associated with social media in the digital world.3In a recent study of social media sites currently popular among scholars, the most frequently used sites for scholarly work were listservs, non-academic social networks, blogs (read or comment), online document management, media repositories, and wikis. When respondents were asked to indicate the benefits of using social media among scholars, the following were the top five answers:

Instagram Followers, A Key To Business

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